Sunday, April 8, 2007

of Greens and Violets

Naveen's Apartment when we moved in:

The only movable furniture was the closet, a double-door MDF closet with just about enough space for Navz. The mini-kittchen counter top is built into a corner. Good thing is everything is new and the Toilet & Bath is furnished with a caddy and mirror and everything is functioning well. whew!

- view of kitchen area and frontdoor.

- View of the rest of the studio.
Since navz didn't have much stuff to begin with, it was easier moving in and planning out the studio room, so many options to choose from as well. And Navz was really excited to just have a place to call her own.

Design Concept : Naveen puts it simply, she wants the place to reflect her favorite color; Violet. Done! but of course to make things a little interesting and also to work with the apartment's sea-foam painted walls, I came up with the color scheme violet and greens- from the flower. Thinking that it would fit perfectly with a sort of country charm motif, since Navz is our unbelievably simple country girl :)

Navz said she trusts me much to leave me to work on her apartment. Surprise her she said when she returns from two weeks training in the USA. So that's how I worked, she just left me the budget and left. But of course I did show her my plan and color schemes so she won't be appallinly surprised when she gets back :)


- Living Area -

To save up on space, and embrace our heritage, who needs a Sala set?

Area rug is made out of 4 doormats I sewn together and saved upto 50% of the usual price of an area rug of the same texture and dimensions. (Arear rugs from Landmark)

2 slates of corkboard are hung on the wall to give detail to the bare wall. And Navz has decided to post pictures on them

- Living Area : view of divider/display and storage shelf -

Instead of buying a seperate divider and shelf, we shopped around, bought this disply shelf and I just covered the back with canvas cloth to partially close in what was designated as the sleeping area. (Display shelf from SM Home)

- Mirror Stand Decor -

of course what a girl needs :) (mirror bought from a bazaar in EDSA Central Mall; decor stones from SM Home; native buri tray from Kultura SM Megamall)

- a Foyer for Navz small apartment -

Wooden End table for her keys, loose change and mails; Wooden Coat Hanger; a spare plastic cannister for an umbrella stand (Table from SM Home; Coat Hanger from Bazaar Market @ MRT station; Cannister from Landmark)

- - -

Kitchen Area Before


Navz loves to cook, so she wanted to buy some of the stuffs of her choice before she left. We got the mini-electric stove at SM appliances and the kitchen trolley at Starmall.

The kitchen trolley doubles as the dining table. The wooden stools were picked by Navz (SM Home).

The countertop deviates from the Studio's color scheme. Since the pots and pans Navz bought were lined with black Tefal and most of the kitchen utensils she got from Tam were either black and chrome material. This area is probabl the only "dark" themed area.

- - -
- Before -

- Computer Area -

Home working station; Computer table and chair from SM Home

- - -

- Sleeping Area Before -


- Divider Shelf -

The corner by the only window slightly concealed off from the rest of the room creating a nice slumber niche.

- Naveen's Big Bunk -

- Detail of Shelf's Back and Closet -

- Light Blue & Violet T&B -

- Decor Details -

- Seating Area Decor : File/storage Box used as coffee table (Landmark School Supplies); Throw Pillows in shades of violet from SM Home; glass chess set (token from Naveen's company)

- Corkboard Detail -

- What else did you expect Navz to post? -

- colorful Buri Basket from Kultura SM used as storage for shoes and slippers -

- Dining Set -

Apparantly these were the new designs from SM

- Foyer End Table -

- Earrings Stand Decor -

- Stained Rattan and Bamboo sticks used as curtain rods -